Saturday, October 29, 2005

Not Getting Any Younger

I am possibly angrier than I have ever been with my humans.

Yesterday the British One let me go outside with him for a little while, which was very enjoyable while it lasted. The weather was warm and sunny, and I wanted to explore! Naturally the British One couldn't let me do any exploring--instead opting to dump me back inside the house when I started to wander.

To top it all off, Softie got home early and went outside with three pumpkins, newspaper and several knives. I cried and begged to be let outside with her, and finally she relented and let me come outside with her.

I immediately chewed on some grass, walked around the back garden and sniffed around on the flowers and shubbery, then had myself a nice little vomit of the grass I had just eaten.

Softie was hacking away at her pumpkins so I thought I'd have a mosey over to the fence at the alley--which is when Softie swooped in and scooped me up and dumped me back inside the house. I wasn't doing anything wrong! I wasn't trying to sneak out of the garden, and I'm not stupid enough to actually leave the garden and into the alley! I see too many metal monsters travelling up and down the alley--I'm not about to put myself into harms way.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day, and I only got to be outside for a small fraction of it. I stood up on my aching, arthritic hind legs at the kitchen door, and watched Softie carve the pumpkins in the sunlight. I yowled and cried and pounded my paws against the glass. I scratched the glass and made a very annoying noise, and I yowled some more, but neither of my humans let me go back outdoors and into the warm sunlight.

There will not be many more beautiful days until next spring. I think I am entitled to sun myself and sniff the brisk breezes before the ugly winter sets in. Being outdoors is one of my greatest simple pleasures. I do not like to be denied!

I'm not getting any younger, afterall.

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