Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Feline Casanova

Wow! The celebrations continue in honour of being named Cat of the Week on Catster.

The British One and I went outside yesterday for a long time. I got to enjoy lots of fresh air and sunshine on my fur. I also got a good brushing!

Softie fed me an extra large helping of delicious diced chicken too. I'm quite pleased with myself.

Best of all, I have loads of new friends! I'd like to say hello to my newest friends:

Mugsy, Taffy, BlueSage Daniel Beau Buffett, Little Miss Molly, Teddybear Tuxedo, DejaBlue Micah W. Downey Jr, Leo, Archibald, Muddy, Sport, Tempest (aka Poopie), Tigger, Prince, Kody, Manny, Pudgie, Scrappy, Corky, Munchie, Misty, Leo, Pie, Big Bit, Little Bit, Kallie, Nicky, Snowball, Cooper, Licorice, Scampie and Fifi.

Wow! I have a whole lot more friends than the British One and Softie.

But then, I'm a lot better looking than either of those two.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Cat of the Week!

I just found out that I have been chosen as Cat of the Week!

I am greatly honoured to be named Cat of the Week. I do hereby resolve to:

1. Do my best to behave in the appropriate Gentleman Cat way
2. Eat lots of delicious diced chicken
3. Nap joyously
4. Groom myself heartily
5. Eat lots of delicious diced chicken
6. Strut around the house looking very regal and handsome
7. Answer all my Catster mail
8. Eat lots of delicious diced chicken

I'd also like to say a warm hello to my newest friends Emmy, Dexter, Lexie, Paris, Hal, Noelle, Gazelle, Cecelia, Mary Magdalena and Annie. I am honoured to call you friends. Also I'd like to give a shout-out to Keiser and Milo, who emailed me with fond congratulations. I am honoured and humbled. Well, as humble as such a handsome lad such as myself can be.

Now if I can just get the British One and Softie to celebrate this glorious occasion with me by plying me with delicious diced chicken and strawberry yogurt, and letting me go outside to sun myself whenever I demand it.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Soggy Gray Days

I'm getting depressed.

It rains and rains and rains, which means I cannot go outside. I want more than anything to go outside and roll in the grass and race around the garden in the sunlight. I want it even more than I want entry into the Magic Portal.

I demanded to go outside yesterday, but both the British One and Softie told me "NO!" I demanded it again, and again was told "NO!"

So I demanded it again. I didn't care that it was raining. And I went into the kitchen and pawed at the doorknob, to make myself very clear. In between laughs, both of them again told me "NO!"

I don't like being laughed at. And I don't like being told "NO!"

So I left them a little gift on the stairs, for which they were not happy. I think it got my point across though. Softie cleaned up the mess and said "Nick Outside NO!" to me several times. I think she got her point across too.

So instead of getting to go outside, I spent most of the day napping on the bed.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Delicious Desserts

I got a delicious new treat yesterday--it is called Strawberry Swirl Yogurt. The British One was attempting to eat a small pot of it yesterday but I smelled the strawberries and knew I MUST have some of it.

Softie and the British One have treated me to strawberry frozen yogurt before, but this was different. It was very smooth and creamy, and not as cold as the frozen stuff. As soon as I saw the little plastic pot in his hands, I knew the British One would have to share. He knew it too. In fact, I didn't let him forget to share, because with each bite he took I climbed all over him, trying to get to the spoon.

Eventually he gave up and fed the rest of it to me. I licked each delicious spoonful until the yogurt pot was empty. I cleaned the spoon and even tried to get my head inside the pot, but it wouldn't fit.

I hope there is more in the big cold foodbox, because strawberry swirl yogurt is my new favorite treat.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Oh Happy Day!

Today was even better than yesterday! The British One took me outside for awhile and I got to sniff the fresh, clean air while flopping around in the grass.

Then Softie came home early and they both went outside with me. I explored the entire back garden, minus the narrow pathway between the garage and fence, which the British One has somehow walled off. I tried to suss out a way to climb over the barrier, but I'll have to ponder it a bit more before attempting anything.

The garage has been off limits to me for some reason, and I decided to try to find out why. I attempted to climb the garage wall to peer inside the windows, but the walls aren't as easy to maneuver as I thought. The pair of them realized that I wanted to see inside the garage though, because Softie went inside the house and came back with a set of keys. I gingerly stepped into the darkened garage and had myself a good nose around. Softie has a new metal monster, which I had to jump up on--just to prove I still could. Then I had to sniff around on her scooter, which smelled of other cats. I hadn't seen the scooter in a long time, so I think she had it stored somewhere besides our old house. It smelled very similar to the workbench in the magic portal, which is to say they both smell a lot like the old lady's barn where I was born.

I soon tired of the garage--it was just too pretty to be stuck inside a building! So I raced back outside and zoomed around the perimeter of the back garden several times, then took a running jump to the garage window. Unfortunately I failed and fell into a flowerbed. The British One and Softie laughed quite a lot. My pride was injured until the British One scooped me up and placed me onto the garage window sill. From there I could peer inside to see the view, and had a good vantage point for the garden. I think this may become one of my favorite places to sit when I am outside. I just need to figure out how to climb up there without help.

All too soon it was over. Softie asked me if I was hungry, and if I wanted some delicious diced chicken. Naturally I had to come back inside and have a nice feast--but not before I chewed a bit of grass and raced around the garden in the sunlight once more.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Spring is in the air

Today has been quite glorious. The British One and I went outside and enjoyed the sun and fresh air.

All was well until I saw a strange man several houses away. He was carrying lots of cartons from the house to his garage. I don't know him, so he worried me. I didn't want the British One to know I was afraid, but somehow I think he knew when I scurried back up the steps and into the kitchen door.

He sat on the back porch steps and beckoned me back outside, telling me the neighbor wouldn't hurt me. How did he know that?! The man might have wanted to steal me away--I'm very handsome, afterall.

I stuck my head outside the kitchen door and sniffed the air, watching the strange man walk from house to garage and back again. He took no notice of me, but it could have been a ploy to strip me of my guard. I warily ventured back down the steps and into the back garden, but by then the British One had decided that it was time to go back inside.

How rude! I'd only just gotten my courage up.

So when the British One scooped me up to bring me back indoors, I struggled a little and let him know I wasn't happy. I wanted to stay outside.

But only if he was outside with me.

And only if he kept the kitchen door propped open.

Just in case.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sunny Morning

I am reminded this morning of the first time I saw a hummingbird. It was at our old house, many years ago.

It was a gorgeous sunny morning, just like today. Softie had kept the bedroom window open overnight (she called it "good sleeping weather") and I spent most of the night and early morning dozing against the windowscreen.

Softie was still asleep and I had been gazing at her from above, trying intently to wake her up with my staring powers. It was nearly breakfast time, afterall. As I sat staring I heard a strange buzzing noise. It was a noise I had never heard before. I peered out the screen to see a tiny, odd looking bird hovering outside the window. It had a very long beak, and had taken a shine to the windowbox flowers. I couldn't take my eyes from it. Such a strange looking creature! The buzzing sound it made seemed to be from it's wings, which flapped so rapidly that they were merely a blur.

As quickly as it had appeared, it darted away. I looked round at Softie, who was now laying there with her eyes open, looking at me. I gave her a questioning look--wide eyes and whiskers pointing straight downward. She laughed at me!

She really laughed too--big belly laughs. She said, between giggles, "That was a hummingbird, kittyboy. Oh you should see the look on your face!" and then she laughed some more.

My pride was injured. I do not like to be laughed at. I leapt from the windowsill and landed squarely on Softie's tummy, which made her utter "ooof!" and then I raced out the bedroom door and down the hall to the lounge. I ignored her for the rest of the day.

I wonder when the good sleeping weather will return? I want to doze in open windows and look for hummingbirds again.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Congrats to my Friends

Two of my kitty friends are Catster Daily Diary Picks today!

Congratulations and large purrs to Keiser and Explorer Neil Kitty.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

I'm a Happy Boy!

The British One was home with me all day yesterday!

First I helped him unpack the rest of the suitcases. He opened it up on the floor and began removing clothing, DVDs, magazines and smelly things from Lush for Softie. I jumped inside the case and walked around, then sat down and watched him.

After that I got a second helping of delicious diced chicken. He went into the office and began to peck away on the keyboard while staring intently into the glowing box. I climbed up into his lap and fell asleep.

Later, Softie came home and they had dinner. I got a third helping of delicious diced chicken, but the British One was having Cod and that smelled much more delicious to me. He wouldn't let me have any though, no matter how close I sat to him, staring.

Their friends Christian and Michelle turned up after dinner and they sat around talking, so I tested out Christian's lap, then Michelle's. I like them both, but when Michelle picked me up and carried me around I fell in love with her. She also gave me such a good chin scratching that it made my whiskers curl up in front of my nose.

After they left we went to the beddie-bye basket, and I fell asleep between Softie and the British One, very happy and content.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Very Fine Day Indeed

Yesterday was a very fine day indeed.

First, I found out I was again chosen as a Catster Diary Daily Pick! It is quite an honour to be chosen. I was very pleased with myself and strutted all over the house with my tail in the air and my head held high.

Adding to the celebrations, the British One came home as well! I was chuffed to see him hauling his suitcase up the sidewalk. I wanted to run out and greet him, but Softie held me firmly away from the door. He came in and made a fuss over me, which of course meant that I should pretend to be indifferent to him for a little while. Which I did. For about ten minutes.

He scooped me up and carried me around (which I love), telling me how much he had missed me. I noticed, however, that there were no treats for me in the suitcase. He gave goodies to Softie, and pulled out other things for other humans, but nothing for me. I guess it's okay though, because now I will again have an extra helping of delicious diced chicken during the day, which is better than any treat from a suitcase.

The British One was very tired from his journey, so everyone went to the beddie-bye basket early. I was so content that I fell asleep, sprawled out across Softie's legs.

This morning Softie told the me I had been snoring, but I don't believe it.

Monday, March 07, 2005

A Day of Adventures

Yesterday was adventure day. Softie slept past her normal waking time, so I sat up on the bed and stared at her until she opened her eyes. Once she was awake I told her about my breakfast fantasies and she obliged by preparing some delicious diced chicken for me. Of course, she had to ruin everything by putting those drops in my eyes, but they really don’t bother me that much. I only pretended to struggle.

The day was warm and sunny, so Softie took me outside and let me roam around the garden while she cleaned the windows. She kept a keen eye on me, but I still managed to sneak away long enough to discover a narrow path between the fence and garage. I hadn’t been in there very long when Softie came looking for me, and from the tone of her voice she wasn’t very happy. She kept telling me to come out, but I was enjoying myself too much. There were new smells to sniff and places to explore. I ignored her.

She continued to order me to come out, but that just made me want to do more exploring. If a place is that much off limits, it must be interesting.

Then I heard a noise. It sounded like large sniffs and snorts. Next thing I knew, there were big barks coming from the other side of the fence. I couldn’t see it, but I didn’t need to. It sounded big and ugly. I panicked a little and Softie scooped me up as I made a dash for the house. She carried me back to the house, telling me “bad kitties don’t get to go outside” as she cleaned the dirt from my feet. I don’t like to have my feet touched, so I growled a little.

I was unceremoniously dumped back inside the house, where I had to stay for the rest of the day. The joke was on Softie though, because I’d had enough adventure for the day.

All I wanted was a good nap in the Poang.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Contentment is Mine

After the depressing week of being alone all day and only getting to curl up in Softie's lap for an hour or so at night, yesterday took a turn for the better. Softie stayed home and made a fuss over me all day!

She donned all her ugly clothes again and put more of that orange, vile smelling goop on the door. I kept trying to help her with it, but she shooed me away--which I have to admit did not set well with me. To show my disapproval, I raced all around the dining room and lounge, then collapsed in the foyer to groom myself heartily.

A bit later the British One phoned and Softie let me listen to his voice. I purred and rubbed my face all over the phone. I hope he comes home soon.

In between phonecalls and coats of vile orange goo, Softie sat on the sofa reading, and I climbed into her lap for a bit of kip. She also fed me extra helpings of delicious diced chicken.

It was as close to bliss as a kitty can get.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

More on The Great Outdoors

Sometimes I suspect Softie and the British One can read my thoughts.

Take yesterday, for instance. I was bored out of my furry head yesterday. It was so pretty outside, and I was stuck inside the house, alone.

But when Softie came home yesterday she let me go outside with her! How did she know I was longing to go outdoors?!

It was glorious too! I ventured outside the kitchen door and down some steps to the grass, where I stopped to sniff the air. Then I trotted down the path to the garage and fence, with Softie following behind me. I didn't want her to snatch me up and bring me back inside, so I trotted a little faster to the end of the garden. Suddenly I heard something. I don't know what it was. It might have been a metal monster, or someone shutting a door, or possibly it was the wind whistling through tree branches. But it was a NOISE-- a noise I was unfamiliar with!

I had to dash back to the steps and wait for Softie to catch up with me and let me back inside the house.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


It's very sunny outside today, and I am getting restless.

I want to go outside!

Instead, I am stuck inside this big old house, all by myself. I've spent a good part of today sitting on the arm of the sofa, watching the world through the front window.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

In Like a Lion

This house makes lots of strange noises when it is windy. I felt it was my catly duty to protect Softie from the strange noises, so when we went to the beddie-bye basket last night, I curled up in the crook of her arm and made sure she was safe.

Of course she still left me alone this morning. Left me to listen to all the strange sounds and spooky noises. I decided to combat it by popping in some music. I found a mix that Softie had made for her friends Haz & Paulie, when they adopted their kitties Vic & Bob. This is the track listing:

1000 Clowns - "Kitty Kat Max"
Presidents of the USA - "Kitty"
King Kong - "Bad Cat Blues"
Danielle Dax - "Cat House"
Paul 'Wine' Jones - "Kittycat"
Brian Setzer Orchestra - "This Cat's On a Hot Tin Roof"
King Missile - "How To Remember Your Dreams"
The Cramps - "Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?"
The Jazz Butcher - "Domestic Animal"
The Shoes - "Curiosity"
Norma Tanga - "Walkin' My Cat Named Dog"
Squeeze - "Cool For Cats"
The Ass Ponys - "Kitten"
The Cure - "Love Cats"
Dee-Lite - "Pussycat Meow"
Tom Jones - "What's New Pussycat?"
The Stray Cats - "Stray Cat Strut"

Hopefully it is enough to drown out the blustery day.