Monday, August 29, 2005

Walking on Sunshine?

Yesterday a small black suitcase escaped from the closet and convinced our houseguest Sally to stuff it with personal belongings and take it away.

I was very sad to see Sal leave, because she has a spectacular lap to sleep on, and was quite happy to sit very still and read whenever I flopped on her for a bit of kip.

I think the humans realized that I was unhappy to see her leave, because they gave me a lot of attention last night, which I think I deserved. The British One fed me a pot of strawberry swirl yogurt, and Softie gave me an extra long brushing and then used the comb under my chinny-chin chin.

We took delivery of another TWO large scratching mats over the weekend. One of them has been put into the dining room and I don't like it one little bit. I've decided that I do not like the way it feels underpaw, and am very unhappy that the humans have removed my soft rug in favour of this one. I can no longer sleep in one of my favorite spots as a result. It's very rude. The other scratching mat is still rolled up and wrapped in plastic, and it better stay that way because the only rug left to replace is the other soft one, in the lounge. Softie and the British One keep making noises about how much they hate these rugs, which were here when we moved in, but I quite like them. They are comfy, soft, and worn just enough to be cozy. The humans call them "horrible."

In other news, the humans have been rather excitable today due to someone called Katrina. I sat and watched a bit of the Weather Channel with them but I never did see Katrina. All I could see was a lot of churning water, which did not interest me in the least.

My good friend Hayden has two humans on vacation right now, and are holidaying somewhere near this Katrina person. The British One received a message from them, saying that they had only been inside their rented beachhouse for ninety minutes when they were evacuated! Now they are sheltering elsewhere and not having a very nice time.

Katrina certainly has been making waves.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

A House With Guests and All The Rest

The British One and Softie's houseguest Sally has taken up residence in my bedroom, and she shuts the door at night so that I cannot go in and pad around on her. I cannot sleep on the end of her bed. I cannot go in and test out the gigantic new scratching mat that smells so lovely.

I'd be angry about it, but she has such a wonderful lap and lets me nest on her lap whenever she sits down on the sofa. When she reclines the sofa I am able to climb right up onto her chest and put my paws on her shoulders and nuzzle my nose under her chin and she doesn't mind! I like that!

I might even be annoyed that they leave me early in the morning and go outside and explore and do things, while I am cooped up inside the house while the weather is so nice, but it gives me a chance to nap gloriously on the Poang.

Perhaps I am a little bit annoyed that sometimes my afternoon delicious diced chicken is late, but I'm being good about it and not leaving any gifts on the carpets or hardwood.

Friday, August 19, 2005

More Goodies for Me!

The British One and I took delivery of a very large something or another several days ago. It smelled very interesting, but was wrapped in a heavy plastic that was difficult for my nose to penetrate.

Yesterday I finally found out what it is: a massive kitty scratching pad! I was dozing on the bed when the British One hauled it upstairs and began to unwrap it. I had to find out what was going on, so I ventured into my other room (the humans refer to it as the "spare") and helped him with his task. After it was unwrapped the mat smelled very good indeed--not catnip good, but good nonetheless. The British One said it is a rug made of sea grass, which is why it smells so wonderful. Softie says it smells like the green tea she used to drink as an exchange student in someplace called Japan.

We rolled out the mat and moved the bed on top of it, and then put a few weights down on the edges, apparently to keep them from curling. I was very interested to inspect my new mat, but the British One carried me out of the room and shut the door behind him.

I didn't even get to try it out!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Blue Ribbons Galore

I have received a shiny blue ribbon rosette from the very lovely and clever Keiser!

Thank you so much, my good friend!

I always enjoy reading Keiser's journal entries and looking at her pictures. She is a very fine kitty indeed, and I am pleased to know her.

The British One and Softie are helping me celebrate my fourth ribbon with a pot of strawberry swirl yogurt and a good brushing. I think I might even be able to persuade them to take me outside to flop around in the grass later today.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Just Call Me Paddy

I seem to have laid quite a guilt trip onto my humans regarding the misappropriation of my Kitty Adventure Room, because yesterday they took delivery of a brand new bedroom suite and installed it into one of my bedrooms.

I know the bedroom suite is mine because a small, padded kitty bench arrived with the shipment. They put the padded kitty bench at the foot of the bed so that I may climb upon the new bed without struggling. The bench is very soft and much easier to climb on than the small blue Pottery Barn stepstool I have been using until now.

The small blue stepstool has been left in my other bedroom, so that I can still climb up on that bed, should I choose to. I’ve learned that their friend Sally is visiting soon from the UK, so I may use that stepstool to climb into Sally’s bed and pad around on her.

The last time she visited, when we lived in my old house, she nicknamed me Paddy. I can hardly wait to pad on her again!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Deception to The Rule

I have been deceived and am not very pleased about it.

There has been much ado regarding the mysterious fourth bedroom, which I had been led to believe was going to be my very own kitty room. It was relatively small to be a human bedroom, and I was quite chuffed when I discovered that the strange, noisy men had ripped out the floorboards. I took this to mean the room would become my very own Kitty Adventure Room. There was a large window with which to oversee my domain, and lots of interesting tunnels in the walls and floor for me to explore.

Not that I was ever allowed to venture into the room unsupervised! The British One and Softie always seemed to be right there whenever I tried to get in. It was my very own Kitty Adventure Room, and I wasn’t allowed in. How rude!

I thought it odd when items for this room began to turn up and they were NOT kitty related, but I took it all in stride. I was never going to use a human sink, toilet, radiator or cabinetry, but if they insisted these items go into my Kitty Adventure Room, who was I to complain? I could live with the clutter of human stuff, because the radiator would keep me warm in the winter, and the other items would be good to climb upon for a better vantage point out the window.

Then the strange, noisy men covered up all the interesting tunnels in the walls and floor with very slick, shiny tile. New lighting was installed, doors were put into place, mirrors were hung and the whole room began to take on the appearance of a human litterbox. They already have a litterbox! It’s a perfectly good one too, which Softie gushes about to her friends because it was built by someone named Art Deco. I have no idea why they feel the need to have another, newer one, where my Kitty Adventure Room is supposed to be.

I’ve suffered all this upheaval; all those long days locked away in the kitchen and dining room, listening to the strange, noisy men clamber around upstairs making a big mess, and for what? A human litterbox?!

It’s very unfair.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A Bittersweet Anniversary

Today marks my one year anniversary of being on Catster.

I have had a lot of fun so far, and have met loads of lovely kitties whom I am pleased to call my friends. I have especially enjoyed trading emails.

Today also marks the first day I am without my good friend Baron von Stinkerton. The Baron took leave for the Summerland yesterday, and I miss him terribly. He was such a good pal, and a good natured guy as well. If my humans tried to put jester collars or Dumbledore hats on me, I'd use the claw on them! The Baron, however, took it all in stride and actually enjoyed playing dress-up with his human.

Even though my friend The Baron is no longer with us, he lives on at Catster, and for that I am ever so grateful.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Until We Meet Again

My good friend The Baron has had a good life, living with a human who adores him. The Baron has been ill for a little while, and although he does not want to have to leave his home and his human, he hears the Summerland calling to him.

May his journey over the Rainbow Bridge be peaceful and painless.

He has been a wonderful friend and companion to all who have known him. He will be sadly missed.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Wedding Bells

I have been asked to be a GKM (Grooms Kitty Man) for the upcoming wedding of Hazel Lucy and Buddy, which will be held in September.

Of course I accepted! It is not every day a friend gets married, afterall. Plus I already have a nice tuxedo handy, so she will not have to worry her pretty furry head about scheduling a fitting or rental for me.

I do hope white shoes will be acceptable.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Anonymous Revealed

I would like to thank the lovely Scooter for my second blue ribbon rosette! I am indebted to the Scootster for clueing me in to Anonymous too--who has been revealed as the very pretty Kazumi Joy.

Thank you both for the ribbons. I have had a wonderful time batting at them and fraying the ends with my newly cleaned teeth. The humans continue to carry me up and down the stairs, and continue to ply me with delicious diced chicken.

It's a wonderful life!