Friday, August 12, 2005

Just Call Me Paddy

I seem to have laid quite a guilt trip onto my humans regarding the misappropriation of my Kitty Adventure Room, because yesterday they took delivery of a brand new bedroom suite and installed it into one of my bedrooms.

I know the bedroom suite is mine because a small, padded kitty bench arrived with the shipment. They put the padded kitty bench at the foot of the bed so that I may climb upon the new bed without struggling. The bench is very soft and much easier to climb on than the small blue Pottery Barn stepstool I have been using until now.

The small blue stepstool has been left in my other bedroom, so that I can still climb up on that bed, should I choose to. I’ve learned that their friend Sally is visiting soon from the UK, so I may use that stepstool to climb into Sally’s bed and pad around on her.

The last time she visited, when we lived in my old house, she nicknamed me Paddy. I can hardly wait to pad on her again!

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