Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Deception to The Rule

I have been deceived and am not very pleased about it.

There has been much ado regarding the mysterious fourth bedroom, which I had been led to believe was going to be my very own kitty room. It was relatively small to be a human bedroom, and I was quite chuffed when I discovered that the strange, noisy men had ripped out the floorboards. I took this to mean the room would become my very own Kitty Adventure Room. There was a large window with which to oversee my domain, and lots of interesting tunnels in the walls and floor for me to explore.

Not that I was ever allowed to venture into the room unsupervised! The British One and Softie always seemed to be right there whenever I tried to get in. It was my very own Kitty Adventure Room, and I wasn’t allowed in. How rude!

I thought it odd when items for this room began to turn up and they were NOT kitty related, but I took it all in stride. I was never going to use a human sink, toilet, radiator or cabinetry, but if they insisted these items go into my Kitty Adventure Room, who was I to complain? I could live with the clutter of human stuff, because the radiator would keep me warm in the winter, and the other items would be good to climb upon for a better vantage point out the window.

Then the strange, noisy men covered up all the interesting tunnels in the walls and floor with very slick, shiny tile. New lighting was installed, doors were put into place, mirrors were hung and the whole room began to take on the appearance of a human litterbox. They already have a litterbox! It’s a perfectly good one too, which Softie gushes about to her friends because it was built by someone named Art Deco. I have no idea why they feel the need to have another, newer one, where my Kitty Adventure Room is supposed to be.

I’ve suffered all this upheaval; all those long days locked away in the kitchen and dining room, listening to the strange, noisy men clamber around upstairs making a big mess, and for what? A human litterbox?!

It’s very unfair.

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