Monday, August 29, 2005

Walking on Sunshine?

Yesterday a small black suitcase escaped from the closet and convinced our houseguest Sally to stuff it with personal belongings and take it away.

I was very sad to see Sal leave, because she has a spectacular lap to sleep on, and was quite happy to sit very still and read whenever I flopped on her for a bit of kip.

I think the humans realized that I was unhappy to see her leave, because they gave me a lot of attention last night, which I think I deserved. The British One fed me a pot of strawberry swirl yogurt, and Softie gave me an extra long brushing and then used the comb under my chinny-chin chin.

We took delivery of another TWO large scratching mats over the weekend. One of them has been put into the dining room and I don't like it one little bit. I've decided that I do not like the way it feels underpaw, and am very unhappy that the humans have removed my soft rug in favour of this one. I can no longer sleep in one of my favorite spots as a result. It's very rude. The other scratching mat is still rolled up and wrapped in plastic, and it better stay that way because the only rug left to replace is the other soft one, in the lounge. Softie and the British One keep making noises about how much they hate these rugs, which were here when we moved in, but I quite like them. They are comfy, soft, and worn just enough to be cozy. The humans call them "horrible."

In other news, the humans have been rather excitable today due to someone called Katrina. I sat and watched a bit of the Weather Channel with them but I never did see Katrina. All I could see was a lot of churning water, which did not interest me in the least.

My good friend Hayden has two humans on vacation right now, and are holidaying somewhere near this Katrina person. The British One received a message from them, saying that they had only been inside their rented beachhouse for ninety minutes when they were evacuated! Now they are sheltering elsewhere and not having a very nice time.

Katrina certainly has been making waves.

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