Monday, September 05, 2005

Take Me To The River

Yesterday Softie and the British One let lots of people into my house, and they all seemed to be there to laugh and joke with our current UK visitors Rafe and Karen. Rafe and Karen are the humans of my Canterbury Cat friends Bella and Alfie.

Early yesterday morning Chris and Michelle (humans of my friends Jackson and Gabby) came over and Softie fixed a very delicious smelling breakfast for everyone. Michelle had brought homemade scones and fruit salad, and Chris made something called Bloody Marys for everyone except me.

As the morning progressed, more friends showed up, and more food was prepared and put out onto tables. Chris even brought over a grill, and I watched from the comfort of the sofa as he stood outside, preparing delicious smelling sausages, burgers and bratts. I was very chuffed to see our friend Lauren again, and to curl up on her lap to let her know that I, too, miss The Baron. She stroked me for a long time.

Neighbors stopped by to visit, and I took note that other area homes also seemed to have little parties happening. The neighbors behind my house have a multi-level deck (which I would LOVE to climb upon to doze in the sun) which was filled with laughing humans all day and well into the night. The neighborhood buzzed with people, and everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time.

I, however, was stuck inside the house, but actually it suited me just fine. There were humans walking around outside with big barkers, and the streets teemed with noisy metal monsters. I was quite content to nap gloriously on the sofa, Poang and the occasional warm lap. I even got an extra helping of diced chicken!

Later in the evening it seemed to me that the entire world had a mass exodus toward the big river a few blocks away. I sat up in the window and watched the humans walking up the street, some carrying lawnchairs and blankets, some with coolers, some pushing tiny humans in little carts. I could not figure out why everyone was walking to the river. Personally I do not like water, so I was glad not to be taken along.

Then the big booms began. I do not like big booms. I also do not like bright flashes of light, and the sky was filled with them. Usually when there are bright flashes of light and big booms, it is raining very heavily, but yesterday was a beautiful day, and the night was as mild and nice as could be.

When the humans returned, they sat outside on the front porch and talked about something called "fire works." Could that be what caused all the big booms and bright lights?

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