Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Farewell to the Tree

I have not had any more "episodes" overnight, nor have I had any so far today. My tummy is still a little iffy, and as a result I am wary about eating any of the delicious diced chicken that was placed before me this morning.

Softie also gave me some dry kibble, which she must be crazy to think I would actually want.

The British One and I have been watching a noisy event going on in the garden behind ours. There are a lot of humans in the garden, and they have been climbing the gigantic tree and tying ropes to it. Then they began to make a lot of noise and the limbs began to fall.

It is a sad day for me whenever a tree gets cut down, because it is one less that I can use to hide from dogs, and it means one less scratching post. I suspect the other kitties in the neighborhood are not very happy about it, and I am fairly certain that the squirrels are in an uproar over it.

I have always enjoyed watching the squirrels in that tree, and greatly enjoy watching them balance their way on the overhead wires that crisscross through the tree.

I wonder what they will do now that their home is gone?

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