Thursday, September 22, 2005

Get Lost, Lost

I have received another lovely blue ribbon rosette from the ever interesting and lovely Keiser. I am glad to have such wonderful friends. I am a very lucky boy indeed.

Sometimes I wonder if I am so lucky to live with my two humans, however. Don’t get me wrong, I love them quite a bit, and I am fairly certain that they adore me to the point of obsession.

That said, last night began the new series of that strange TV show called “Lost,” and in their extreme glee and utter geekiness, they completely forgot about me! As soon as Softie got home from wherever it is she goes each day, she began preparing a wondrous feast. I sat in the kitchen and hinted about some diced chicken, but apparently the British One had clued her into the fact that I had been fed a late afternoon snack, so I got nothing.

This cooking business went on for quite a while, and the smells in the kitchen made me swoon. Then Chris & Michelle (humans of my friends Jackson & Gabby) arrived bearing a very delicious looking cake which Michelle had decorated to look like the island on Lost. Dinner was served and no one gave me a single tidbit! I tried my “poor starving kitty” look, but no one was looking at me—they were all deeply engaged in conversation, and never looked my way.

So I decided to use the “sad little boy” look, but again no one seemed to notice. I do not like giving up my coveted spot as the center of attention! I slunk into the lounge and sulked on the sofa.

Softie snapped out of her Lost stupor long enough to remember to give me eye drops (which I would have been happy to miss, thank you very much), but afterwards I was again forgotten.

The worst was yet to come, however, because as soon as the program began I was moved from the sofa so the humans could sit down. Softie took over my Poang and I had no where to go! How rude!

I tried out each lap and ended up ensconcing myself upon the British One, who wasn’t quite as fidgety as the others. Even he was excitable though, and at the end of the show they had to immediately rewatch certain segments with something called a DVR. They did this for quite a while, and chattered constantly. After Chris & Michelle left for the night, Softie got on the phone with my late friend The Baron’s human and they discussed the show. The British One went upstairs to the glowing box and began to peck furiously at the keyboard, and it was a long time before anyone in the household went to bed.

I do not like disturbances in my routine. I think I may have to figure out a way to break the TV before next week.

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