Monday, September 26, 2005

Tummy Troubles

Oh dear. I'm not doing too well again. I guess I must have overdone it at the wedding, because I have a very dicky tummy and am struggling with my litterbox duties.

The British One took me outside, which I thought was going to be quite nice, but then Softie came outside too, and she had a wet cloth with her and he held me down while she cleaned me off. I really do not like for anyone to mess with my hind legs--or my hind end! I wiggled around and growled at them, and pulled my very fluffy tail underneath me so that they could not mess with it.

I have wandered from litterbox to litterbox, trying to make myself go so that the evilness in my tummy can be purged. I even lost my senses a little bit and tried to poop on Softie's shoulderbag, which got me into a spot of trouble.

I am not hungry for my delicious diced chicken, and I don't want any strawberry swirl yogurt. I just want my tummy to feel better, and I want to stop smelling funny.

Is that too much to ask?

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