Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Very Fine Day Indeed

Yesterday was a very fine day indeed.

First, I found out I was again chosen as a Catster Diary Daily Pick! It is quite an honour to be chosen. I was very pleased with myself and strutted all over the house with my tail in the air and my head held high.

Adding to the celebrations, the British One came home as well! I was chuffed to see him hauling his suitcase up the sidewalk. I wanted to run out and greet him, but Softie held me firmly away from the door. He came in and made a fuss over me, which of course meant that I should pretend to be indifferent to him for a little while. Which I did. For about ten minutes.

He scooped me up and carried me around (which I love), telling me how much he had missed me. I noticed, however, that there were no treats for me in the suitcase. He gave goodies to Softie, and pulled out other things for other humans, but nothing for me. I guess it's okay though, because now I will again have an extra helping of delicious diced chicken during the day, which is better than any treat from a suitcase.

The British One was very tired from his journey, so everyone went to the beddie-bye basket early. I was so content that I fell asleep, sprawled out across Softie's legs.

This morning Softie told the me I had been snoring, but I don't believe it.

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