Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Feline Casanova

Wow! The celebrations continue in honour of being named Cat of the Week on Catster.

The British One and I went outside yesterday for a long time. I got to enjoy lots of fresh air and sunshine on my fur. I also got a good brushing!

Softie fed me an extra large helping of delicious diced chicken too. I'm quite pleased with myself.

Best of all, I have loads of new friends! I'd like to say hello to my newest friends:

Mugsy, Taffy, BlueSage Daniel Beau Buffett, Little Miss Molly, Teddybear Tuxedo, DejaBlue Micah W. Downey Jr, Leo, Archibald, Muddy, Sport, Tempest (aka Poopie), Tigger, Prince, Kody, Manny, Pudgie, Scrappy, Corky, Munchie, Misty, Leo, Pie, Big Bit, Little Bit, Kallie, Nicky, Snowball, Cooper, Licorice, Scampie and Fifi.

Wow! I have a whole lot more friends than the British One and Softie.

But then, I'm a lot better looking than either of those two.

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Stenar said...

Hey there, Cat of the Week! Congrats. I thought you might like my friend Brandon's comic strip. This week it has featured his cat. It's pretty funny and the cat is quite mischevious. Check it out at: