Thursday, March 10, 2005

I'm a Happy Boy!

The British One was home with me all day yesterday!

First I helped him unpack the rest of the suitcases. He opened it up on the floor and began removing clothing, DVDs, magazines and smelly things from Lush for Softie. I jumped inside the case and walked around, then sat down and watched him.

After that I got a second helping of delicious diced chicken. He went into the office and began to peck away on the keyboard while staring intently into the glowing box. I climbed up into his lap and fell asleep.

Later, Softie came home and they had dinner. I got a third helping of delicious diced chicken, but the British One was having Cod and that smelled much more delicious to me. He wouldn't let me have any though, no matter how close I sat to him, staring.

Their friends Christian and Michelle turned up after dinner and they sat around talking, so I tested out Christian's lap, then Michelle's. I like them both, but when Michelle picked me up and carried me around I fell in love with her. She also gave me such a good chin scratching that it made my whiskers curl up in front of my nose.

After they left we went to the beddie-bye basket, and I fell asleep between Softie and the British One, very happy and content.

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