Thursday, March 17, 2005

Spring is in the air

Today has been quite glorious. The British One and I went outside and enjoyed the sun and fresh air.

All was well until I saw a strange man several houses away. He was carrying lots of cartons from the house to his garage. I don't know him, so he worried me. I didn't want the British One to know I was afraid, but somehow I think he knew when I scurried back up the steps and into the kitchen door.

He sat on the back porch steps and beckoned me back outside, telling me the neighbor wouldn't hurt me. How did he know that?! The man might have wanted to steal me away--I'm very handsome, afterall.

I stuck my head outside the kitchen door and sniffed the air, watching the strange man walk from house to garage and back again. He took no notice of me, but it could have been a ploy to strip me of my guard. I warily ventured back down the steps and into the back garden, but by then the British One had decided that it was time to go back inside.

How rude! I'd only just gotten my courage up.

So when the British One scooped me up to bring me back indoors, I struggled a little and let him know I wasn't happy. I wanted to stay outside.

But only if he was outside with me.

And only if he kept the kitchen door propped open.

Just in case.

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