Friday, March 18, 2005

Oh Happy Day!

Today was even better than yesterday! The British One took me outside for awhile and I got to sniff the fresh, clean air while flopping around in the grass.

Then Softie came home early and they both went outside with me. I explored the entire back garden, minus the narrow pathway between the garage and fence, which the British One has somehow walled off. I tried to suss out a way to climb over the barrier, but I'll have to ponder it a bit more before attempting anything.

The garage has been off limits to me for some reason, and I decided to try to find out why. I attempted to climb the garage wall to peer inside the windows, but the walls aren't as easy to maneuver as I thought. The pair of them realized that I wanted to see inside the garage though, because Softie went inside the house and came back with a set of keys. I gingerly stepped into the darkened garage and had myself a good nose around. Softie has a new metal monster, which I had to jump up on--just to prove I still could. Then I had to sniff around on her scooter, which smelled of other cats. I hadn't seen the scooter in a long time, so I think she had it stored somewhere besides our old house. It smelled very similar to the workbench in the magic portal, which is to say they both smell a lot like the old lady's barn where I was born.

I soon tired of the garage--it was just too pretty to be stuck inside a building! So I raced back outside and zoomed around the perimeter of the back garden several times, then took a running jump to the garage window. Unfortunately I failed and fell into a flowerbed. The British One and Softie laughed quite a lot. My pride was injured until the British One scooped me up and placed me onto the garage window sill. From there I could peer inside to see the view, and had a good vantage point for the garden. I think this may become one of my favorite places to sit when I am outside. I just need to figure out how to climb up there without help.

All too soon it was over. Softie asked me if I was hungry, and if I wanted some delicious diced chicken. Naturally I had to come back inside and have a nice feast--but not before I chewed a bit of grass and raced around the garden in the sunlight once more.

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