Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Delicious Desserts

I got a delicious new treat yesterday--it is called Strawberry Swirl Yogurt. The British One was attempting to eat a small pot of it yesterday but I smelled the strawberries and knew I MUST have some of it.

Softie and the British One have treated me to strawberry frozen yogurt before, but this was different. It was very smooth and creamy, and not as cold as the frozen stuff. As soon as I saw the little plastic pot in his hands, I knew the British One would have to share. He knew it too. In fact, I didn't let him forget to share, because with each bite he took I climbed all over him, trying to get to the spoon.

Eventually he gave up and fed the rest of it to me. I licked each delicious spoonful until the yogurt pot was empty. I cleaned the spoon and even tried to get my head inside the pot, but it wouldn't fit.

I hope there is more in the big cold foodbox, because strawberry swirl yogurt is my new favorite treat.

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