Thursday, March 03, 2005

More on The Great Outdoors

Sometimes I suspect Softie and the British One can read my thoughts.

Take yesterday, for instance. I was bored out of my furry head yesterday. It was so pretty outside, and I was stuck inside the house, alone.

But when Softie came home yesterday she let me go outside with her! How did she know I was longing to go outdoors?!

It was glorious too! I ventured outside the kitchen door and down some steps to the grass, where I stopped to sniff the air. Then I trotted down the path to the garage and fence, with Softie following behind me. I didn't want her to snatch me up and bring me back inside, so I trotted a little faster to the end of the garden. Suddenly I heard something. I don't know what it was. It might have been a metal monster, or someone shutting a door, or possibly it was the wind whistling through tree branches. But it was a NOISE-- a noise I was unfamiliar with!

I had to dash back to the steps and wait for Softie to catch up with me and let me back inside the house.

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