Monday, March 07, 2005

A Day of Adventures

Yesterday was adventure day. Softie slept past her normal waking time, so I sat up on the bed and stared at her until she opened her eyes. Once she was awake I told her about my breakfast fantasies and she obliged by preparing some delicious diced chicken for me. Of course, she had to ruin everything by putting those drops in my eyes, but they really don’t bother me that much. I only pretended to struggle.

The day was warm and sunny, so Softie took me outside and let me roam around the garden while she cleaned the windows. She kept a keen eye on me, but I still managed to sneak away long enough to discover a narrow path between the fence and garage. I hadn’t been in there very long when Softie came looking for me, and from the tone of her voice she wasn’t very happy. She kept telling me to come out, but I was enjoying myself too much. There were new smells to sniff and places to explore. I ignored her.

She continued to order me to come out, but that just made me want to do more exploring. If a place is that much off limits, it must be interesting.

Then I heard a noise. It sounded like large sniffs and snorts. Next thing I knew, there were big barks coming from the other side of the fence. I couldn’t see it, but I didn’t need to. It sounded big and ugly. I panicked a little and Softie scooped me up as I made a dash for the house. She carried me back to the house, telling me “bad kitties don’t get to go outside” as she cleaned the dirt from my feet. I don’t like to have my feet touched, so I growled a little.

I was unceremoniously dumped back inside the house, where I had to stay for the rest of the day. The joke was on Softie though, because I’d had enough adventure for the day.

All I wanted was a good nap in the Poang.

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