Sunday, March 06, 2005

Contentment is Mine

After the depressing week of being alone all day and only getting to curl up in Softie's lap for an hour or so at night, yesterday took a turn for the better. Softie stayed home and made a fuss over me all day!

She donned all her ugly clothes again and put more of that orange, vile smelling goop on the door. I kept trying to help her with it, but she shooed me away--which I have to admit did not set well with me. To show my disapproval, I raced all around the dining room and lounge, then collapsed in the foyer to groom myself heartily.

A bit later the British One phoned and Softie let me listen to his voice. I purred and rubbed my face all over the phone. I hope he comes home soon.

In between phonecalls and coats of vile orange goo, Softie sat on the sofa reading, and I climbed into her lap for a bit of kip. She also fed me extra helpings of delicious diced chicken.

It was as close to bliss as a kitty can get.

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