Sunday, April 03, 2005

Relinquishing my Cat of the Week Crown

I've had a wonderful time as Cat of the Week and I wish it didn't have to end. I realize, however, that there are lots of other fantastic felines that deserve a chance at Cat of the Week, so I do not mind relinquishing my crown.

I've gained a lot of friendships this week, and would like to say hello to my newest friends: Joey, Skippy, Sharon, Krispie, Muffin, Tailer, Simpson, Bobbie and June. I am honoured to be your friend.

The weekend started out quite ugly, with cold rain and high winds. As much as I demanded to go outside, neither the British One nor Softie would open the door. If only I could work the doorknobs myself--it would sure save me a lot of hassle. The ugly weather left overnight and we awoke this morning to sunshine and warmth. I went outside with the British One as he read the paper, and then I tried to assist Softie with trimming the hedges. I quickly decided that I didn't like the noise though, and scampered back toward the kitchen door.

I've been outside so much today that all I want now is a warm lap and a bowl of delicious diced chicken.

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