Sunday, April 10, 2005

A Day of Surprises

Yesterday was perfect. Softie and I went outside and potted some flowers into containers, and then I raced all around the garden in the sunlight. The big ugly dog next door (whose name I have discovered is "Mooch") barked and snarled at me through the privacy fence but I'm no longer too worried about him. I've discovered that he cannot jump the fence, and can only see me a tiny bit through one slat. I couldn't help but to tease him a little by walking over to the fence and flopping around on the lawn in front of his drooling muzzle.

I must admit that my little kitty mind was blown when the British One emerged from a wooden door in the ground. I've seen this door before, and in fact have walked all over it on occasion, but I had no idea that it actually OPENED! It was too much for me. I had to find out where the door led. I trotted gingerly down the steps and discovered that this door is the Magic Portal2! Upon arriving at the bottom of the steps, I was standing next to the washer and dryer! Amazing!

If my powers of deduction are correct (and I am sure they are because I am such a clever kitty) this means that when I venture into the Magic Portal in the kitchen, I can exit via the Magic Portal2 into the back garden. Brilliant!

The British One got out the grass-chopping noisemaker, so I decided to beat a hasty retreat back inside the house for a little while. Softie went around to the front of the house and continued with her planting and weed pulling, and then after all the work was finished I had yet another surprise: I got to go outside in the front of the house!

The British One and Softie sat on the front porch admiring their handiwork, and I got to wander around the porch, the perimeter of the house and even (briefly) to the next door neighbor's front garden. I rolled around on the sidewalk and helped Softie water all the containers of flowers.

I never wanted it to end, but honestly I began to grow a bit weary from all the excitement of new places and surprises, and so was secretly glad when they brought me back inside. A bit later they left to go curtain shopping and I sacked out in the Poang. I slept until they returned several h0urs later, laden with shopping bags.

I took note of the two pots of strawberry swirl yogurt that were put into the big, cold foodbox...

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