Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Of Claws and Clippings

It's hard work taking care of two humans. They must constantly be reminded of the simplest things, such as making sure my food dish is kept full and my box emptied. They never seem to understand the easiest of phrases either. Like "OUT" for instance. No matter how plainly I speak the word, nor how often I demand it, they feign ignorance.

Just yesterday afternoon I had to use a bit of claw on the British One so that he would be reminded to heat up some delicious diced chicken for me. He was busy staring intently into the glowing box in the office, and pecking furiously at the keyboard. He wasn't pleased with the claw, but it worked.

Later in the evening I had to sprawl myself across Softie's lap to remind her that I needed a good brushing. After several circles in her lap, she finally got the hint and got out the brush, comb and scissors.

Normally I don't enjoy being attacked with the evil scissors, and I especially loathe for anyone to touch my belly, but even I had to admit that the nappy dreads on my tummy were getting a little out of control. I lay quietly on her lap and let her gently cut out the dreads on my belly, and now I am a very handsome cat indeed.

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