Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Gloomy Days Inside the House

I wish the weather would cheer up, because it is starting to depress me. I want to go outside but the British One and Softie won't let me because they think it is too wet.

Instead, I have been locked inside the kitchen and dining room while the strange men continue making a lot of racket and dust in the rest of the house. I hope they will be finished soon, because I don't enjoy being closed off inside my own house.

The British One was kind enough to pull a dining chair over to a window so I could sit comfortably and look outside, but there wasn't anything interesting going on. It was too wet for the birds to be hopping around in the grass, and the squirrels must have been hiding from the rain as well.

After the strange, noisy men left for the day I was freed from my dining room prison and allowed to wander the house, so I decided to let the British One know how upset I was at being locked up all day. I left him a nice, stinky gift on one of the rugs. He wasn't very pleased and informed Softie about it as soon as she came home. They both told me I was a "bad kitty" but they have it all wrong. THEY are the bad ones! THEY had me cooped up all day and I couldn't visit with the British One in his office, nor could I nap on the Poang, nor on the bed, and I couldn't even sit on the arm of the sofa and look out the large front window.

I'm not a bad kitty. I just have BAD HUMANS!

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