Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Glorious Sunny Days!

The weather has been very gorgeous indeed, and I have done my best to take full advantage of it.

I helped the British One hang curtains in the bedroom yesterday, and then, because of the great effort I exerted, I took a nice nap on the bed.

When Softie came home I legged it down the stairs as fast as I could and told her that I needed to go outside. She and the British One debated about it because apparently they were planning to go somewhere, but I won and they went outside in the back garden with me. I did some exploring and they ate popcicles.

I realized that the sun was very hot, and there isn't much shade in the back garden. When we lived in the other house there was plenty of shade underneath the shrubbery and I used to hide there quite a bit and watch the world go by. Now I don't have any place to hide from the sun or the world. My black fur got hot very quickly.

I decided to go inside, which I think surprised my humans. From now on, I am going to demand to hang out on the front porch, which has plenty of shade.

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