Friday, April 08, 2005

I love yogurt!

Last night the British One and Softie sat down to watch a bit of television, and the British One decided to attempt eating a pot of yogurt.

I was dozing on Softie's lap when I heard the lid being peeled back. Naturally I had to climb onto the British One's lap to inspect the goods. He scooped a huge spoonful of the delicious yogurt and then put it into HIS month. Sorry, but this is not how it is supposed to be. The yogurt is supposed to go into MY mouth.

I tugged on his sleeve and gave my best "pleading kitty" look. He managed a few more spoonfuls into his mouth as I edged closer to the hand holding the pot.

Finally he gave up and held the spoon out for me. It smelled different and I was momentarily apprehensive, but I tentatively rolled out my tongue and tried a wee taste. That was all it took.

I lapped up every delicious spoonful of peach flavoured yogurt, and then tried to stick my head inside the pot. The British One wouldn't let me though and held the pot up over his head very high.

I love yogurt.

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