Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Proper Chippy

It has been nearly a whole week since I last had a taste of succulent, juicy cod, and I must figure a way to persuade the humans to go out and get some for me.

Last Friday, my humans apparently discovered what the British One called "a proper chippy" and although I am not sure what a "proper chippy" is, it appears that it is a place to get delicious battered cod and vinegar-doused, thick fried potatoes.

As soon as they carried in the bag I smelled it, and knew I had to have some. Naturally I was not interested in whatever Softie was having, because it wasn't cod, but the British One certainly had some, and I knew I must make some of it mine.

I tried the subtle approach first, which was to stand under his feet in the kitchen whilst he dished it up. I stuck closely to him with my tail held high, and when he sat down I made sure he knew I was there with a few taps of my paw on his leg. He thwarted me every time I tried to reach a paw onto the plate, and a few times he even had to raise his voice to me. Which didn't matter in the least. I wanted some cod, and I would have some cod!

He made the mistake of putting a tiny morsel on the tip of his finger, which he offered to me. I was ever so eager for a taste that I momentarily forgot my dignity. Yes, I bit him!

He decided a better tactic was to cut away the batter, slice up the fish into small, kitty-bite sized pieces and serve it to me on a clean dish. Hey diddle diddle, I was over the moon!

But it's been AGES since last Friday. I must have more fish! I must locate this "proper chippy" and move in.


Keiser said...

What about the mushy peas?

My human reckons Haddock makes the best battered fish.

Sir Higson Nick said...

Mushy peas!? Bleccch, no vegetables for me, just lovely, lovely fish!

Your human is probably right about the haddock, but I don't believe it is an option at the proper chippy.!

Keiser said...

then, it's not a proper chippy!

what about deep fried mars bars? thank goodness that fad is over. my human saw it on the board in dundee, scotland one time...

cod is cool. i hope your humans go to the chippy more often nick. AND you should get your OWN portion instead of waiting for the British One to share his.