Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hospital Food

I have been coaxed into updating my diary by the lovely and clever Keiser, although I haven't much to impart.

I've been a very tired kitty recently, and want nothing more than to nap on my blankie in the Poang chair.

Or on a good, warm lap.
Or on the duvet.
Or a dining room chair.

I would also like to eat delicious meals several times a day, but those are not forthcoming, as I am still being fed the dreaded hospital food. I am also being served a different type of dry food, which is surprisingly tasty, mainly because ANYthing is better than Eukanuba hospital food.

I would be perfectly happy if my humans would switch the vile hospital food for Eukanuba lamb & barley, like I used to eat at my old house. It's the same brand, but a world of difference on my palate.

It's a sorry state of affairs each time I am served a meal.

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