Monday, January 23, 2006

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Stinker in the Basket

I had a truely wonderful weekend. The weather was lovely and I convinced my humans that it was in their best interest to let me venture outdoors for awhile.

The British One went outside with me and together we managed to make the evil Mooch next door go mental. He barked and barked at me, alternately trying to dig under or jump over the privacy fence. I felt it necessary to wander right up to the fence, flop over on my side, and swish my tail. He barked so much that his humans came outside and told him to shut up, and then he had to go indoors. Obviously I will make a habit of getting him into trouble. I do enjoy it ever so much.

Later in the weekend the humans decided to do some work in the Magic Portal, so I followed down the steps to help out. After loading the washer, Softie began rooting through dozens of large boxes filled with those shiny round music makers. It seemed such a boring task that I decided not to help her, and concentrated instead on helping the British One, who was sorting through more interesting boxes.

When they were not looking, I jumped upon a tall workbench and had myself a good sniff of the area. My humans were very surprised to see me up there, and made quite a fuss over me. I may be elderly but I can still jump when I want to.

The only downside to my weekend is that I am still being fed Eukanuba hospital food, which tastes vile. On the upside, however, I have noticed that my tummy doesn't cramp so much, and I am able to make it to my box.

Unless, of course, there is not a box available and I need to improvise with whatever looks most like a litterbox to me. I think my humans should take solace in the fact that the laundry basket was empty at the time.

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