Monday, January 16, 2006

An Exciting Weekend

What an exciting weekend I had!

On Saturday, I helped Softie and the British One clean house. Softie was in charge of cleaning the downstairs area, so she began in the kitchen--which is one of my favorite places in the whole house!

I was fed a lovely meal of flaked tuna, and afterwards had a nice nap on the sofa. Softie woke me in the afternoon to ask if I would like to accompany her outside, which of course I did and it was glorious! I love feeling the sunlight on my fur, and the breeze brought interesting and exotic scents for me to sniff.

I stayed outdoors for a long time, wandering in the back garden and chewing the occasional blade of grass.

The British One had been cleaning the upstairs area, so after my excursion outdoors I climbed the stairs to see how he was getting on, and to help where I could. I decided the best place to help would be on the duvet in the second bedroom, and so I napped contentedly until The British One woke me for dinner, where I was served a lovely meal of sliced beef and gravy for dinner. What a life!

On Sunday, I coaxed the pair of them into letting me go outside again, because the sun was out and the weather agreeable. They sat outside on the back porch and watched me roam and roll around in the sunlight. To add to the wonderful day, I was given a nice dose of catnip! It pleased me greatly--so greatly, in fact, that I rolled around in it until I was covered from head to tail. Softie tried to brush some of it off but I was feeling too fine, and attacked the brush with great gusto.

The biggest surprise of the day came when the doorbell rang in the afternoon and in walked the old lady! I hadn't seen her in ages and it was good to be fussed over. She is somehow related to my humans, as were the other humans who accompanied the old lady. There were also two tiny humans--a little boy whom I have met before, and a very tiny girl who cried a lot. I was glad when she left.

My evening was capped off with a warm blankie and a good lap. Does life get any better than this?

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