Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It's my birthday month!

I don't feel as though I will soon be 17 years old. Well, perhaps just a little. I find myself unable to do things I used to take for granted, like jump up into the front room window, or leap onto the kitchen counters. It's been a long time since I last took a snooze on top of the refrigerator.

I can only vaguely remember my former home and family. I remember it being cold, and there were many cats, none very friendly. I spent a lot of time hiding in the bushes of a large, white farmhouse until the old lady who lived there began to feed me the most delicious foods. First she fed me on the porch, then eventually she fed me inside the door of the farmhouse, which was very cozy and warm. She always let me back outside when I was finished eating. It was a pretty good life, although the other cats began to get suspicious when I wasn't fighting for food scraps at dinner in the barn each night.

Then came the day she didn't let me back outside. I panicked! It was best to hide out in the basement, crying, and hope that my mother could rescue me.

The old lady still put food out for me, but I was too depressed to eat. I wanted my mother! I wanted the bushes and the cold wind rippling through my fur! I sulked and continued to hide under the stairs. The old man would come into the basement and check on me. The two of them spoke kindly to me but I was too frightened to acknowledge them.

One day the old man came downstairs and grabbed me. I was scared and hungry so I didn't put up much of a struggle. He carried me up the stairs and into the arms of Softie, who cuddled me and held me ever so gently.

Softie took me away to the house we have shared together ever since. I was amazed at how thoughtful she was--she even had a bush in the middle of the lounge with lots of shiny gifts underneath. As soon as she let me into the room I ran behind the bush and had myself a nice poo, which was proper etiquette outside but obviously from Softie's reaction not such a good idea inside a house. Oops.

I had a lot to learn, but I had even more to teach Softie.

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