Saturday, November 06, 2004

Who Says I'm O-L-D?

The humans can be so silly sometimes. I am continually amazed at how the tiniest of gestures excite them.

Take this morning for instance. A mere leap from the floor to the desk surprised and excited the pair of them. They acted as if they could not believe I could jump up that high. They both praised me and gave me a good scratching for my effort.

The British One was especially pleased with my performance, because he went into the kitchen of his own accord and fixed me the most delicious breakfast of diced chicken. I always know when I'm getting the good stuff because they open the door to their big, cold, foodbox and heat up something special. The food in the big, cold, foodbox is much tastier than the food from the magic cupboard, although if the food from the magic cupboard is in a small can it's infinitely better than the food from the larger ones.

To further excite the silly humans I did a fancy little maneuver and situated myself on top of the kitchen table. It has been several years since I last got on the table, so I thought it'd be a good time to let them know I could still do it. This small gesture really got them going!

Because I am clever and fluffy and handsome, the sliding door to the deck has been open for me to go in and out at my leisure for the entire day!

I am very good at getting my way!

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