Monday, June 05, 2006

The Best Christmas Present Ever

This past weekend was simply the best.

The strange men showed up early Saturday morning to refit our front entry doors, and I wasn’t even banished to the dining room! I got to lie on the sofa, on Softie’s lap, and watch them work, which was incredibly interesting. They removed the particle board from the entry and hung the doors, which took several hours, because the doors are very large and heavy. Those old doors look brand new now, and I am amazed at how something so obviously deteriorated could be rejuvenated. I wish someone could do the same for me.

When the strange men took a lunch break, Softie and I went outside in the back garden and I noticed that the gate on the side of the house was open—so I wandered over to it and paused, waiting for Softie to either shut it or scoop me up and away from it, but she didn’t! Instead, she simply shadowed me as I passed through the gate and walked along the side of the house. I am so happy that I have finally been allowed to put this last piece of the house puzzle together. Now I know the perimeter of my home, and I know how to link the front and back on the house.

I was overjoyed, and with quickened steps I explored the area, and walked onto Mooch’s front garden to sniff the flowers, and then back to my front porch.

I even found the strength to briefly chase a butterfly and although I didn't catch him, I'm quite sure I put a good scare into him.

My humans have also served up some foods that I never thought I’d taste again. I don’t have much appetite, but I was able to eat a few bites of the delicious tuna I was given. It makes my heart sing to know that my humans love me enough to let me have forbidden foods like tuna again, even though they know that I sometimes cannot make it to my box after I’ve had the forbidden goodies.

My humans kindly stayed home with me nearly all weekend, and whenever I wanted a lap they were right there, ready and willing. I was so happy and thankful that I purred, which is something I don’t do very often.

I know my time is short, and the pull of the Summerland increases ever stronger, and so I have been reflecting on my good fortune and all I have to be thankful for.

I am thankful for my house and the shelter it provides. I was born in a barn, and had fate not intervened, I might have remained there, exposed to the elements and fighting other cats for scraps of food. Instead I have lived a pampered life inside a lovely, warm home with three meals a day.

I am thankful for all the toys and presents bestowed upon me over the years.

I am thankful for never going hungry. I have never wanted for anything, and have been safe in the knowledge that there would always be food in my dish and fresh water too, whenever I wanted it.

I am thankful for clean litterboxes.

I am thankful for all the kitties I have met on Catster, especially the lovely Keiser, Cooper and Camilla.

I am thankful for all the blue ribbon rosettes I have been awarded over the past two years since I joined, and for all the times I was chosen as a Daily Diary Pick.

I am thankful too, for being chosen as "Cat of the Week" on Catster. It was a great honour, and I am pleased I had the opportunity.

Even though I do not like vets, I am thankful for being well cared for. I am thankful that my humans have kept me current on my vaccinations, and went above and beyond with regards to my many medications over the years. I know the British One has a phobia about eyes, so I know it has been an act of great love for him to administer my eye drops each day.

Most of all I am thankful for my humans, Softie and the British One. They have provided me with shelter, love, and affection, and have always treated me as an equal member of the family. They have no children, so I have been spoiled thoroughly and completely for all of my nineteen years. I could not ask for a better pair of humans.

Although Softie and I celebrate our birthdays together in November, I would like to take this chance to say that I personally celebrate my birthday as the day I came to live with Softie on Christmas Eve, 1986.

Living with my humans these past nineteen years has been the best Christmas present a cat could ever have.

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