Monday, June 26, 2006

Food! Glorious Food!

Nearly a month has passed since I was coaxed away from the shores of the Summerland, and I am pleased to report that since that day I have been presented with a vast array of gastronomical delights each and every time I enter the wonderful world of the kitchen.

Salmon, tuna, cod, lamb, even succulent turkey! As if that wasn’t enough, the humans have gifted me a new ceramic food dish, which is blue and groovy and I like it very much. Eating is such a pleasure that I have found a way to comfortably situate myself within viewing distance of the kitchen door, so that I never miss the chance to discuss food fantasies with whomever may be passing by.

Sometimes I stretch out on the seagrass rug in the dining room, and sometimes I lounge on a chair, but most often I like to sit on the kitchen mat near the back door, so that I don’t miss out on any food-related activity.

I even have newfound energy to climb the stairs and hop onto the humans’ bed on weekend mornings when they oversleep. Once they are awake --it usually only takes a couple of minutes of walking around on top of them-- they are easily led down the stairs and into the kitchen.

It is gratifying to know that my journey back from the brink has been well worth the effort.

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Keiser said...

Oh Nick, I am so glad you are back to your usual perky self. Food is such good 'medicine'.