Thursday, November 17, 2005

Baby food! I've got the cutest little baby food!

Well now! I do believe the British One is my favorite human in the household.

My loyalty fluctuates quite frequently, usually dependent on who is serving up the delicious diced chicken and strawberry swirl yogurt, followed closely by who has the brush and a waiting lap.

However, the British One has done something extraordinary, and now he is my favorite human.The British One served me the most fantastic, savory meal today--it was called "baby food" and it tasted of Thanksgiving turkey.

Oh how I swoon at the thought of the taste! I could not get enough. I ate every morsel and then forgot my dignity and begged for more. When it was not forthcoming, I went back to my little blue dish and licked it clean. I could think of nothing else but MORE! He finally understood the gigantic hints I was dropping (rubbing around his ankles, yowling loudly to demand more, dashing around the kitchen with big eyes) and spooned out the remainder of the jar contents into my dish. I couldn't wait and tried to get my head into the jar, so he let me lick clean the spoon.

I cannot believe this incredibly delicious treat is reserved for tiny humans! Why had I not been informed about "baby food"? Softie and the British One call me their "baby" so why have I not been partial to these tiny jars of delight before today?!

At least now I understand why the tiny humans cry and wail until the little jars are opened.

I shall do the same.

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