Monday, November 28, 2005

The Summerland

Sometimes I can faintly hear the Summerland calling to me. I know that as time passes the call will become louder, the pull stronger, and eventually I will be unable to resist the temptation to check it out. We cats are much too curious to not get to the bottom of things.

Sometimes I dream about my friend The Baron, and he tells me that when I cross over the Rainbow Bridge my old body will be renewed and I will be able to run and play again. It's quite tempting to wish myself at the edge of the Bridge, because I don't have nearly the get-up-and-go that I used to.

However, I worry about Softie and the British One. I'm not sure how they would get on without me here to keep them in line. If not for me, who would keep them out of trouble? Goodness knows they need constant supervision.

So for now I will continue to resist the pull of the Summerland, because I am not sure what my humans would do without me here.

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