Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Unwanted Visitors

I am quite angry with Softie right now. She has crossed the line and I'm so upset with her that I may not sleep with her tonight.

She answered the door earlier and a strange girl came into the house. Being the charming, friendly and incredibly handsome cat I am, I went over to greet this stranger, only to discover that she wasn't a stranger at all! Softie let into MY house the dreaded Tammy from the not-quite-evil hippie vet's office! To make an already bad situation even worse, Tammy was visiting to administer some sort of fluid in a big bag to me. She had a big needle and everything!

I was NOT pleased. I growled when I saw Tammy hooking up the bag, because I remembered what happened when she did the same at the office. She poked me in the middle of my back with a big, bad needle and put fluid under my skin.

And she did it to me tonight--IN MY OWN HOUSE! This is simply unacceptable. I made noises about the indignity of it all, but the pair of them told me what a good boy I was. If this is what being a "good boy" means, I am going to be as bad as I can possibly be.

I have no doubt that if the British One was here Softie and the evil Tammy would not have been able to get away with such awfulness. He would not have let her into my house.

After Tammy left I sulked on my blankie, then decided to take action.

As soon as Softie was out of sight, I had myself a nice poop on the stairs.

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