Thursday, January 06, 2005

Another Day, Another Vet Visit

I should have known something was up. Softie didn't leave early this morning and the British One stayed in bed with her. Then they didn't get up and feed me at my normal time.

I should have known.

Later in the morning the British One appeared with the dreaded Pet Taxi, and Softie, who had been carrying me around, stuffed me inside. I cried a little bit just to let them know I wasn't happy. I whimpered to register my complaint. They took no notice. Into the metal monster we went, with the British One driving and the Taxi sitting on Softie's lap.

I surprised myself though. I didn't drool and pant like I have done in the past. I told myself I could handle the ride, and I did! I became Zen-Kitty.

Presently we arrived at Dr.K's office, where a horrible Pekingese yapped at me and made a nuisance of himself. He growled and snarled at everyone in the room, and as I was the only cat in a roomful of humans with dogs, he focused much of his bile and hatred at me. I couldn't help but tease him by sticking my paw outside the Taxi and waving to him. Made him go mental!

Dr.K specializes in animal eyes. He put drops in my eyes and poked around at them, which I didn't like and let him know about it with a couple of swipes of the claw. Softie had to hold me back, because I really wanted to tear into him. He recommended MORE drops for me. The bad, evil man!

The humans actually AGREED with Dr.K about a return visit next month. They think I don't understand what they say, but I certainly do. And I know they have scheduled another appointment with this horrible vet.

I'm starting to sharpen my claws anticipation.

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