Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Earlier this evening Softie sat in the office staring at the glowing box, crying. She saw me sitting in the hallway, eyeing her, and realized that she hadn't fed me. She asked if I was hungry and I told her "yes, of course!"

She went downstairs to fix more delicious diced chicken from the big cold foodbox and I decided to have a quick peek at the glowing box to see why she had been crying.

Softie used to work for a great independent radio station called WOXY. Every Saturday morning she would wake up VERY early in the morning and drive the metal monster to the radio station. I would see her off, sitting in the front window until her tail lights faded away, then go back to the bedroom to wait for the British One to wake up. He'd get up a little later, turn on the radio and we'd listen to Softie together.

I loved lounging in the Poang, listening to her. She played a lot of good music and every so often, she would dedicate a song to me. It made me very happy to hear my name coming out of that funny little radio.

I discovered that what Softie had been looking at was a video clip that her friend the Music Director sent to her. It was a video of the station being razed to the ground by a bulldozer.

I wonder if that is what will happen to our old house?

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