Monday, January 24, 2005

The Magic Portal Mystery

There is a Magic Portal in my new house. I’m not too sure of how it works, but I know it is off limits to me. Naturally, anything off limits to me drives me nuts. I MUST gain access to the Magic Portal!

The door is in the kitchen, near my placemat and dishes. I’ve been able to steal a quick peek inside, but there wasn’t enough time to have a good look. Here’s what I know about the Magic Portal:

1. It is off limits to me
2. The British One uses it a lot to disappear for hours at a time
3. When the British One disappears, I hear things banging around under the floor
4. The British One can reappear out of nowhere
5. The Magic Portal looks a bit like a hallway with doors at either end.

As I was eating this morning, I saw the British One go into the Magic Portal in the kitchen. I was finishing up my breakfast when the British One reappeared out of thin air. He walked into the kitchen from a different door—not the Magic Portal. How did he do that?

Another time I saw the British One outside in the back garden. He went inside some doors in the ground and then the next thing I knew he was walking through the Magic Portal into the kitchen.

I’ve GOT to find out more about this Magic Portal. I wish just once the two of them would forget to close the door so that I could have a stroll inside.

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