Monday, January 31, 2005


Everytime the door opens I know about it. Everytime the door opens I leg it as fast as I can inside. The British One and Softie are just going to have to get used to the idea that any time the door to the Magic Portal is opened, I will be right there under their feet.

The reason they do not want me inside the Magic Portal is simple. They don't like it when I have any fun. They don't want to stimulate my senses with new and interesting places.

Too late.

Now that I know the secret to the Magic Portal, I shall trot myself down the stairs every chance I get. Normally when I get down the stairs the first place I want to go is the far room. It's where the washer and dryer are. I say "hello" to them and then walk the perimeter of the room, pausing to sniff the table saw (which smells like the barn I knew as a tiny kitten) and the workbench along the back wall. The workbench used to be in the garage at my old house, now it is inside the Magic Portal.

After I've made my rounds in the far room, I like to check out the main room. It's got lots of boxes lined up along one wall, and a long row of shelving along the other. There is a boiler in this room as well, but I tend to stay away from it. By the time I've finished checking this room it's time to go back into the far room and say "hello" to the washer and dryer again.

I did this several times over the weekend. Softie was doing some laundry and each time she made a trip downstairs, I slipped down with her. I just wish I could get down there without her or the British One supervising my every move!

I think the stairs going back up to the main floor are a little bit difficult to maneuver, but if either Softie or the British One suspects that I struggle with the stairs I fear they would not let me venture back inside the Magic Portal ever again. So I keep up appearances as best I can. I climb back up the stairs and have a quick bite to eat, then relax in the Poang to rest my weary legs.

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