Sunday, February 06, 2005


The British One was up bright and early this morning to listen to a football match involving his favorite team. He always listens to the matches using the glowing box in the office, and today he yelled at it quite a bit. Softie was downstairs in the lounge reading, so I retreated to her lap while the British One yelled upstairs.

Then the British One came downstairs and announced that the match was going to be televised later in the day, so the three of us watched it from the sofa. I like watching the game because all the players run around a lot and kick a ball, which I can relate to. They cheered for the team with the red and white striped shirts.

Later in the day the British One took me outside for the first time since we moved. I can hardly wait to go outside again when the weather gets warmer. I still miss the deck at my other house though. I wonder what happened to that house?

Softie has been watching something called "figure skating" this evening. The two of them keep getting phonecalls from friends asking why they are not watching something called a superbowl.

I don't know why anyone would want to sit and watch a bowl, unless of course it had delicious diced chicken in it. That would be super!

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