Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Noise Continues

Over the weekend a strange man came to my house and walked around on the roof. He made a lot of noise and spooked me a little bit, but Softie let me lay on her lap so I wasn’t afraid anymore. She told me he was fixing our guttering, whatever that means.

Then yesterday this same man came over and started working in the bathroom. The British One and Softie had removed the wallpaper from the bathroom a few weeks ago and half of the ceiling came crashing down on them! So this strange man was here yesterday, patching the hole and covering the cracks. We live in a very old house. Everything seems to be falling apart!

So while the strange man was working in the bathroom, he was very un-catlike and lost his balance. He fell off the ladder and landed on the sink, which broke with a very loud crash. I ran under the bed and hid for a long time. The strange man was alright, bruised up a bit and sore, but no broken bones.

I overheard the British One tell Softie that he was coming back again today and that there would be a lot of noise and dust. I think I’ll try napping in a different wing of the house today.

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