Monday, February 28, 2005

The Cat Krazies

I felt years younger yesterday and managed to get Softie to play hide'n'seek with me. She had been trying to hang some new curtains in the dining room, and I thought she needed a break. I let out a very vocal, gutteral meow and then raced all around the dining room and kitchen.

She didn't know what to think! She climbed down from the ladder and came into the kitchen to see what I was up to...and I jumped out from behind a cabinet and raced around some more. We did this for a little while and then it was her turn to try to hide from me. She put the ladder away and I chased her up and down the stairs.

Then she said she was going to do some laundry, so I bolted through the Magic Portal and tried to help her sort the clothing. And for old time's sake, I leapt into the laundry basket and playfully nipped at her fingers.

She said I had "the Midnight Cat Krazies" but I don't think she knows how to tell time. It was much earlier than that.

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