Sunday, February 06, 2005

Loud, Scary Noises!

Just now I was happily dozing on the sofa while Softie watched figure skating and the British One talked to an overseas friend on the phone.

Then there was a very loud crash in the kitchen! I jumped off the sofa and ran behind it to hide.

Softie and the British One ran into the kitchen and discovered that a picture had fallen off the wall and shattered all over the floor. I tried to get into the kitchen to see what was going on but they made me stay out and shut the door in my face. How rude!

Now all the excitement is over so I went in to see what the fuss was. Apparently their Bob Marley framed print took a fall--all over my dinner! The frame smashed down right on top of my food dishes, with glass and diced chicken everywhere!

But I'm okay, and they are okay, and they cleaned everything up and fed me a new serving of diced chicken.

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