Thursday, February 10, 2005

Photogenic Me!

I wondered why Softie and the British One came home with a catnip scented scratching post last night. Not that I minded—I love catnip! For several weeks now the both of them have been calling me “Clickfoot” because my nails are getting a bit long. I don’t have anywhere to scratch (and I’ve never been one to use furniture) and I can’t go outside yet because it is too cold. They told me this is why they brought the scratching post home. The catnip scent took hold of me and I rubbed all over the thing, despite myself. Eventually I even scratched around on it a little, although it was more for show than anything. I had to let them know I liked my new gift.

I knew, however, there had to be an ulterior motive. I was right.

This morning, after I had dulled down my claws, I was unceremoniously stuffed into the Pet Taxi and taken to the evil eye doctor. I made some noises to let them know I wasn’t happy, but it was no use so I eventually settled down and went into Zen-kitty mode.

The evil eye vet poked around on my eyes again, but this time it didn’t hurt me. If I would have wanted to use my claws on him I couldn’t because I had dulled them down, but he didn’t hurt me so it was okay. He told Softie that the drops she’s been putting in my eyes (I get FIVE drops every day) are working. He said the pressure behind my eye has gone down from 51 to 24, which he says is in the “comfortable range.” I certainly feel better and my eye doesn’t hurt like it used to. I’ve got my appetite back and my coat looks nice and glossy again. Because I am a very handsome boy, the evil eye vet took several pictures of me. He seemed especially interested in my right eye.

I just wish I knew what he meant by “melanoma.”

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