Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Lonely House

Now that the British One is away, this house is very quiet and lonely during the day. Softie goes away in the metal monster early each morning, and does not return until late. Now that the British One isn't here to keep me company, feed me an extra helping of delicious diced chicken, and to provide a warm lap when I need it, I'm feeling very sad indeed.

I've tried to give Softie the ole "forlorn kitty" look each morning as she leaves, but so far it hasn't worked. She still leaves, even if she does try to coddle me with good chin scratches and kind words before she goes. I've taken to not diving into my delicious diced chicken when she serves it to me either. I had hoped that she would realize that I am depressed being alone all day (depressed enough to stop eating my delicious diced chicken!) and would stop leaving. It hasn't worked.

After she leaves, I dash to the kitchen and eat my delicious diced chicken--before it gets too cold. Then I sit on the mat in the kitchen by the door and brood for awhile. When it is clear she has not been made to feel guilty enough to come back into the house and stay with me, I climb into the Poang for a bit of kip. Later I go back to the kitchen to finish off any leftover morsels of delicious diced chicken, and to nibble around on the organic dry food she serves in lieu of my extra helping of delicious diced chicken that the British One serves during the day when he is here. Then it is time to climb the stairs and sleep on their bed. I still find myself looking toward the office, hoping the British One will be sitting there, staring at the glowing box and pecking furiously on his keyboard.

I sure wish he was coming back soon.

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