Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Magic Portal Revealed!

Well, well, well. I am a very clever kittyboy. I have discovered the secret of the Magic Portal.

It’s something called a “basement.”

The British One was cleaning out my box today and I noticed that he had accidentally left open the door to the Magic Portal. While he had his back turned I quietly slipped inside to have a look around. He and Softie are not very bright, because they had put the dreaded vacuum cleaner inside the door of the Magic Portal, no doubt thinking it would keep me well away. It didn’t. Silly humans, don’t they know that the only time I dislike the vacuum cleaner is when it is being noisy?

Anyway, I got inside the Magic Portal and discovered a set of steps going down into the ground. I followed them and found another entire floor underneath the two I already knew about. This floor is under the ground and is very large. I found the washer and dryer (I was wondering where they had gone to), another bathroom, lots of boxes and lots of tools. There were all sorts of lovely nooks to explore and loads of places to hide. A kitty paradise!

Unfortunately it was over all too quickly. The British One discovered his mistake and came to fetch me. Darn it! I’m miffed that the pair of them has kept this glorious place secret.

I must go back inside the Magic Portal again.

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