Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy Mew Year!

Softie and the British One invited a few friends over to celebrate something called New Years Eve. I was quite pleased to find it a low-key event, and decided early on that their friend Lauren would have the best lap (which she did). I sensed that she loves kitties very much, and to my delight she told me that my friend the Baron Von Stinkerton lives with her.

At midnight there was a lot of ruckus in my new neighborhood. People were running around on their front lawns and into the street, yelling and banging on pots and pans. Some of the children blew whistles and had noisemakers. There were fireworks. It frightened me somewhat, but the night was so mild that Softie picked me up and took me outside for a little bit. I'm glad too, because it's been a long time since I got to go outside. I miss my old house where I could go out onto the deck as I pleased.

For New Year's Day I got a most delicious feast of diced chicken made in the beeping box, so it was nice and hot. Softie and the British One always make sure the chicken has cooled down enough for me, and they even cut it into tiny little bites because sometimes my teeth give me a bit of trouble. I don't want them to know my teeth give me trouble though, because last time I had to go to a dentist it was just aweful. I fell asleep and woke up with a very sore mouth and staggered around all evening. It was like I'd had that kitty valium or something.

So anyway I'm trying to keep my sore tooth on the down-low but am ever so grateful that they chop the chicken up into tiny bite-sized morsels.

I hope Softie sits on the sofa today and reads me some Krazy Kat comics. It would be a perfect start to this new year business.

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