Sunday, December 25, 2005

Bah Humbug

What should have been a very merry Christmas with lots of gifts and goodies and lovely bits of tasty treats has been tarnished by the discovery of several suitcases hiding in the spare bedroom.

My anxiety levels are skyrocketing at this new development, because not only have the suitcases escaped from the closet but BOTH Softie and the British One have been stuffing them with personal items.

I cannot believe that both of my humans would go away and leave me here alone. They have done it in the past--but that was long ago when we lived in my old house, and the old lady could walk over to visit me and (more importantly) feed me.

Who is going to feed me if both humans go away? How am I supposed to nap gloriously on a warm lap if there is not a warm lap in the house? What about my eyedrops? Have they forgotten that I need daily eyedrops?

And what of my turkey baby food? Am I somehow supposed to live without it!? I cannot imagine a world without it.

I cannot imagine a world without THEM.

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