Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I Pledge Allegiance to The British One

I took refuge yesterday on the British One's lap whilst he pecked furiously on the keyboard and stared into the glowing box.

After awhile, this got boring, so I decided to present him with a bit of a challenge and climbed onto the desk and plopped myself down between the British One and the keyboard. This way, whenever he wanted to peck furiously, he had to do it over top of me. Hilarious!!

He was good enough not to move me away (which is what Softie does when I try the stunt with her) and I had myself quite a nice snooze. When I'd finished napping I sat straight up and stared into his face, and as he couldn't see through my head to stare at the glowing box, he got the hint that I might be hungry.

We made our way to the kitchen as I told him of my lunchtime fantasies, and he obliged by serving up a lovely helping of delicious turkey baby food! Oh glorious creamy baby food, how I love it. The British One certainly knows how to earn my loyalty.

Softie got home later and fixed something very delicious smelling in the kitchen, but she wouldn't let me have a taste. I thought that since the British One and I had been seeing eye-to-eye, he might let me have a taste if I was persuasive enough. I tried the subtle paw on the elbow trick, which got me nowhere. Then I tried sitting next to him whilst staring at each bite he took, which also didn't work. I worked my way closer, until I was sitting right on his lap, which is when he informed me that no matter how much I begged, I wasn't getting anything. It was alright though, because afterward he served me the most delicious diced chicken.

I showed where my loyalty lies by curling up on his lap for the remainder of the evening.

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